Thursday 5 March 2020


My first trilogy (The Broken Empire) and my most recent trilogy (Impossible Times) both had the same cover art in the US and the UK.

My middle trilogies and my upcoming trilogy have different covers depending on what side of the Atlantic you are.

I think all my covers are great and the artists behind them hugely talented. Sometimes it's even the same artist on both sides as in the case of The Liar's Key where both the US and UK art are by the excellent Jason Chan.

So this is a celebration of their talent.

However, there is always the long-running discussion of the differences between UK and US covers, and I'm interested in it. So this is a poll on which covers for you best represent the contents of the books &/or make you want to buy the book?


(covers marked with interim results after 162 voters)
US                  UK

This is just a bit of fun. To properly investigate I would need to ask three times as many questions, determining whether you were from the US, UK or 'other' and trying to establish whether the different approaches really were successfully tailored to national tastes - and really I'd have to do it before publication because by now you may well associate these covers with the book you read and be biased towards the one you know best.


  1. Oh hi The Girl and the Stars, I will be needing that. Still available to play Sister Kettle in the inevitable TV or movie adaptation.

  2. I love the UK covers (and am from the UK). I have a different Red Sister cover from the one above though, I believe it was published before the art changed? The red background on the Red Queen's War covers really makes them pop for me.

  3. Always found that UK Grey Sister art work very bland since I first saw it here. Just a girl carrying a sword, no tension or drama, surprised the publisher chose that one.

  4. I tend to love UK covers more but you have awesome US covers as well so it's a toss up!