Thursday 21 January 2021

Anthology giveaway.

Here's the roll - if your guess was within 1 of 870 and I've not mentioned you - let me know.

There were several people within 2 of the right answer and I've randomly selected two of those: Mel (from the comments on this blog post) and Ewen Daynes (from the comments on the Grimdark Facebook group). Nobody guessed the exact number. But Derek Schmidt (from the comments on the Grim Oak Press Facebook group guessed 871).

I need to free up some shelf space and I have duplicates / spares of quite a few anthologies - so I'm giving them away.

I'm giving them away in three groups of three. I have stories in 8 of the 9 collections. I will sign the ones I'm in.

Group 1 - Hardback edition of Unfettered III from Grim Oak Press + Paperback edition of Blackguards from Ragnarok + paperback UK edition of George Martin's Wildcards #26

Group 2 - Hardback edition of Unfettered (I) from Grim Oak Press + paperback edition of Legends II (from the Gemmell Awards) + paperback UK edition of George Martin's Wildcards #26

Group 3 - Hardback US edition of George Martin's Wildcards #26 + hardback ARC of Unbound from Grim Oak Press + Heroes Wanted.

I will be rolling three ten-sided dice to generate a number between 000 and 999. All you have to do is guess the number. The 3 people who get closest will win the three groups of books. You can comment here to enter or on any of the social media posts I make about this.

So, if this was my roll then the guess closest to 743 would win.

NOTE: If you win and you are outside the UK I'm going to ask you to paypal me the cost of postage (& to the US this could be around $15). I don't do this when I'm giving away books I've written, but these only contain traces of Lawrence.

The contest will end on Saturday 30th of January.

- it's worth pointing out that if you're commenting here anonymously ... I might have trouble letting you know you've won 😅 - drop an email address in your comment if you're not going to see the reply, or just give your guess on social media

- if I'm unable to contact a winner within a week I'll move on to the next person.

Good luck!



  1. Replies
    1. For no reason ... you're one of the winners! - the roll was 870 (video on the post) - let me know which of the three sets you'd like (you may not get it as the closest guess gets first choice) and where to send them. (email best -

  2. 46
    Not because I think it'll win, I just really like that number right now.

  3. As I can't make it random I asked Google...our entry is 526.

  4. 891 but what's closest? Interpreted as a 3d vector, or as a 3 digit decimal?

  5. 432 love that you do this kinda thing 😁

  6. Nox471 ( January 2021 at 15:26


  7. How about 863, cross my fingers & if I win, I'll cross my eyes too.😁

  8. A wild guess of 863 should be the one.

  9. 261
    and may the Schwartz be with us all