Wednesday 9 March 2022

Lottery for Ukraine - The Red Queen's War vs Russia's War.

Contest Closed - Winners notified - £1550 raised!

Don't let the lack of a prize stop you contributing.

Like most people, I'm in mourning over the invasion of Ukraine.

Seeing the refugees up stakes and leave their homes is particularly affecting, since I know there will be many families, like mine who can't do that. I imagine trying to get my profoundly disabled youngest daughter, Celyn (18 today) across a war torn country, leaving behind vital medical equipment and access to all the services she needs.

I've donated to the Red Cross / Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for Ukraine, to aid refugees and others still suffering within the country.

In order to encourage/remind others to do the same I'm putting up copy #997 of The Red Queen's War special edition omnibus.

Each "lottery ticket" is £5 and you "purchase" them by donating to the Ukraine appeal:

Just make a donation and forward the acknowledgement email to me at and you're in the draw with as many chances as you have tickets.

I'll also throw in a free signed book of some description as an additional prize for every £250 we manage to raise collectively.

Amount raised = £1550

(prize pot = omnibus + 6 other signed books)


Adrian C - omnibus heading to the furthest away place possible!

Joanne Foxton

Jack Cropper

Kat Brotton


Matt D

Chris C

Here's the main prize:

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  1. I live on a fixed income & have made several donations. I'll be able to make another donation next week & if you still have this going then I'll make one thru your link. There's other ways to help the people of Ukraine if you don't have any money to give, just make sure the World 🌎 sees the extent of the misery and destruction being wrought on the Ukrainian people from PUTIN'S WAR. The link below takes you to Official Ukraine social media accounts and government websites to get the information out so the World can see what's happening.