Saturday 10 September 2022

Word Theft! :o

Look what Amazon is selling... 

I believe I have seen those words before.

Look what you can buy on

One of my Patrons (Professor John Mauro) kindly brought these to my attention.

Did some unscrupulous person/people curate a list of quotes then generate a range of produce-on-demand items featuring them? Did some bot trawl the popular quotes on Goodreads and construct a vast inventory of such things? Don't know...

Am I going to do anything about it?

Of course not. I doubt many (any?) of these have ever sold, and I'm certainly not spending my money or time chasing ghosts on the internet. 

But it seemed interesting. I've considered producing merch beyond my free promotional stuff before:

(I gave some of these out as competition prizes.)

(I secured permission from the artist - Jason Chan)

(These were gifts designed by the excellent Pen Astridge.)

I never got around to it though. Demand is limited, my design skills are terrible, distribution is expensive, and the effort involved always felt too great. Also, I don't own the rights to any of my cover art.

However, if I ever do become famous enough to warrant it, I'll delegate and we can have cool stuff!

Until then, it seems that the internet will provide. And if being complicit in their exploitation leaves you feeling icky - join my Patreon and it's all good 😄

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  1. I really like your sense of humor, enjoyed reading this post!