Tuesday 14 November 2023


You can get Tom Robert's raw art in poster-sized A2 format on deluxe paper. There's a ton of detail that goes unresolved on the book covers and can be dived into in this magnificent image.

Here is my framed copy along side Tom Brown's uncoloured original for the cover of the library short story, Overdue. The coloured version seen at an unflattering angle on the carpet.

The massive picture is Jason Chan's cover art for Prince of Thorns.

Get your copy of Tom Robert's cover art here: https://tomrobertsillustration.com/

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1 comment:

  1. I've JUST finished reading (truly... like 10 mins ago) The Book That Wouldn't Burn and I just wanted to come here to say, thank you. Sincerely, thank you. I'm unable to accurately convey how excited I am to see what books 2 and 3 bring, for the 100s of future re-reads, and for the selfish pleasure that will come from gifting these treasures to all my favorite readers.