Monday 12 February 2024

Two more short stories from The Library Trilogy!

Returns is a collection of two short stories. 

The first is called Returns (8,000 words). It looks at the journey of a single book outside the library and the journey of two librarians (Yute is one of them) sent to recover it. It's a story about varying ways different people interact with the book. When people say, "Did we read the same book?" there's a truth behind that question and I examine it here.

The second story is About Pain (6,000 words). Here the tale concerns the interactions of just two people (Clovis is one of them) with a particular book, and how what they take from the novel changes over the course of their lives. When we consume a book we may find between those covers a very different story from the next person, but more than that, when we come back to it ten years later, twenty years, thirty ... we find that the more powerful a book is, the more its contents will have changed.

Here's the cover art from the great Tom Brown.

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  1. A very pleasant surprise! This series is so full of potential, and so naturally allows for exploration of unique themes. Loved both stories, though can’t help but wonder at the implications of the second story for the coming book 2.