Friday 6 July 2012

The Scale of the Bookiverse

So this is a little movie I put together, inspired by THE BEST THING ON THE INTERNET:

Seriously give this a go Scale of the Universe

And my own effort where the scales (areas of the circles) are proportional to the number of ratings each named book has on Goodreads. The inserted video below has been disappointingly blurred by blogspot so use this link for a better quality version:


  1. A suggestion, if you were to do a revised version, Mark? Let there be some dead space at the end. I had to pause it several times to make out the bigger circles on the bottom because the clip ends so "abruptly".

    This might be what I get for using windows media player to see it too...

  2. should be fixed now in the good version

  3. I always thought I was a shrimp compared to Myke Cole, but we are both shrimps compared to some of these others!