Sunday 8 July 2012

The Stupidly Huge Giveaway - more entries!

Only 2 days left to enter The Stupidly Huge Giveaway (TSGH) - closes 10th July

Here are some of the latest entries:

Jorg deals with Gemt (click for movie)

Jorg Final Summary

& animals in my garden (higher resolution in contest display)!

so, you can see the contest is hotting up. Remember - I don't choose, it will be a vote.


  1. Hi Mark

    Could you please possibly let the Contest open until midnight because I was not home for the last week and we are workiung on something to send you ...

    Julia and Sabsii

  2. I've already decreed (but only in my head, so you may be forgiven for missing it) that TSHG stays open until midnight wherever the entrant lives. So go to it & good luck :D

  3. I buggered up the tile of mine. Missed an s damnit! Now people will mock me! er more than usual that is.