Wednesday 17 April 2013

I brought a thorn to a knife fight...

EDIT:  It's all over!

King of Thorns (49.3%)             [it won on the Facebook likes with 500 vs 498, but lost on tweets]
The Blinding Knife (50.7%)

Huge thanks to everyone who voted my way for helping me punch above my weight!

Now I guess I should go read some Weeks! (got his first trilogy - wife & boys really liked it)

So Bookspot have been running a death match tournament and 64 contestants have reduced through bloody battle to 2. Since this battle is clearly a key index of popularity (with low-selling authors like Joe Abercrombie + Red Country crashing out in round 1) it's vital that King of Thorns triumphs!

The only impediment to this lofty goal is the small yet enormous obstacle presented by one Brent Weeks. A man who has set his eyes firmly on the prize!

Let's break this down, people.

Here are the numbers (Amazon ratings for the books, twitter followers for the authors, goodreads ratings for the authors)

So, this is a battle like David vs Goliath, molehill vs mountain, of Beauty (me of course) vs the Beast! ... dare I say it... Underdog vs The Baddie.

This is one of those million to one shots that have to come off. For King of Thorns not to win would be a crime of Weeksian proportions!

Now more than ever before friends, fans, minions, flying monkeys, and... others, I need your votes.

Go to the page and 'like'

Go to the page and comment at the bottom

Go to twitter and tweet with the hashtag #kingofthornsftw

Your country needs you. We can do this. Yadda yadda & yadda. For the win!

Thank you.


  1. I voted for you, but this will be a tough fight. Both books are absolutely great. Gavin Guile has way better sex than Jorg, he even has a body slave named Marissa who so damn wants to stay his slave only so that she can be close to him and have great sex. Wow...!

    Jorg on the other hand nuked his love interest Katherine and didn't flinch. That's... absolutely badass! On the other hand I am a bit worried about his sex life!

    Gavin also killed scores of his foes with a jet ski. Jorg nuked the Red Keep - impersonal mass destruction. Maybe he should rather drop cluster bombs from a zeppelin or sth like that!

    Red Country lost and this was well deserved, the book was disappointing. Doesn't compare to his earlier books, not anything in it had the coolness factor of Inquisitor Glokta or the original Logen Ninefingers. The plot left me cold! :(

    Gavin Guile is in a really shitty position at the moment and lost most of his powers, Jorg on the other hand seems to climb the career ladder no matter what you throw at him. So my money is on Jorg. Also, less sex seems to mean success. While totally unsatisfying Gavin Guile's problems were caused by having sex with an absolutely gorgeous woman, just the wrong one. Jorg avoids such trouble, but at the expense of personal satisfaction.

    To put it bluntly, Jorg just needs clusterbombs, a zeppelin and a moderate amount of sex to win.

    1. Jorg had one of the best sex scenes I've seen in a while. He doesn't need sensual prowess when he uses a whore's ass to hold up a technical layout of Castle Red. That is far better than someone scribbling yet another tumultuous sex scene.

    2. But Jorg can kill... fantastically. Knife into the underside of the scrotum! What better punishment for rape?

  2. Voted once, twice, thrice. When do I get my cupcakes??

  3. Good luck Mark, I hope King of Thorns wins! #kingofthornsftw ;)

  4. Voted for King of Thorns!!
    What are your 'fandom' followers called? :) Thornians...?

  5. I'm going crazy for the next book. GIMMIE! GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE! NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  6. It won't let me comment because it doesn't believe me when I tell it my email address.

  7. Voted every way I can. Pushing friends to read and vote now.

  8. It ended on 483 (Thorns) vs 487 (Knives) - will come down to the comment and twitter vote count!

    Stupendous job! Very many thanks for to everyone who voted. We really punched above our weight. :)

  9. Already liked on facebook, but I didn't comment in time and now the section is closed :(

    Good luck!