Monday 22 July 2013

The big topple!

It's the BIG TOPPLE 

(note - this contest has concluded - Hilary's entry won - very many thanks to all entrants, your efforts were very much appreciated).

A book toppling contest to celebrate the release of Emperor of Thorns, last book in the Broken Empire trilogy.

The prize!

#1 A signed doodled hardback copy of Emperor of Thorns (not this one, but possibly even better... or worse)

#2 A mug - sporting all three covers of the Broken Empire Trilogy


The sheer honor of it. Victory over your enemies. The lamentation of their lamentors. The knowledge that your name will be whispered down the centuries.

The Rules:

It's pretty simple. Set some books up and film them while you topple them. Send me the file or link to youtube etc.

There will be a day of voting August 12th and the winner will be declared. Obviously the number of books toppled will be a factor, but people will be driven by other factors such as creativity, style, filmography, and sunspots. I will order the entries by number of books involved.


The Entries:

Here's mine to inspire you to do better:

#1 Fiachra H 

The grand push, 725 books! (warning, the down stairs section may upset some book lovers).

also (books, dominos, and a valiant effort to get up stairs!)


#2   Hilary T  (EoT, and quotes by an up and coming young actor)

#3   Cece G (with acting!)

#4   Corey A

#5   Doug W (236 in one go!)


  1. Books should be treated with respect. You horrible author, you.

    1. I have to agree, but damn me, I'm torn. I so, soooo want a signed book and mug ... yet.... Oh, poop. How about a signed book, a mug, and some therapy to sort out the angst caused by said book spiflication?

    2. Yeah, definitely my hardbacks are there to be treated with love. Even your ones Mr Lawrence!

    3. you know nothing, Jon Snow.

      Had to say it :D

      Use paperbacks - I did!

  2. Not an entry, obviously, but you might like this:

    1. I saw that when googling "book dominos" to see if this ( ) was original or not. It's very good :)

  3. Someday......I will win a mug someday!