Sunday 7 July 2013

The Stupidly Huge Giveaway Results

All the entries can be found HERE

Final Vote Tally

It is perhaps a cliche to say how good all the entries were and how much I appreciate all the skill and effort put into these. It's also true.

The competition was so fierce that some really excellent work didn't even make the top 4. I hope you all had as much fun with it as I did.

Many thanks!

The random prize winner was #36

1st Place:  Nadine K. (225 points)

Jorg Catalogue

This is a pdf file that you can link to by clicking HERE

It's well worth a look - very funny.

Here are a couple of highlights:

2nd Place:  Sonera A. (202 points)

Jorg and Katherine
 My Choice, My Evil.

You can call me Lady.

3rd Place:  Wout S. (144 points)

Art Deco style poster for Jorg - the movie?

4th Place:  'The Fat Lady'  (138 points)

A musical tribute followed by a musical book review!

Here again blogger won't let me embed the video but this is a youtube link you can & should follow :D

Example frame:

Very funny though even I felt I'd seen enough of my face before the end of it :)

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