Friday, 16 May 2014

paperback payback

I have a significant collection of my books in paperback and no good way to dispose of them.

It seemed like a good idea to mail out copies of Prince of Thorns, to encourage people to buy the trilogy and to spread the word. Mailing out copies of Emperor of Thorns makes less sense, it's been well reviewed, people who haven't read Prince of Thorns aren't going to want book 3, and hopefully people who have will want to buy their own copy - so the expense of mailing them one just to lose myself a sale doesn't make sense.

So, I'm selling them for charity

This isn't all of them!

I have lots of Emperor of Thorns in US paperback (small, white), and international trade paperback (large, white). I also have some UK and US King of Thorns in paperback (not trade paperback).

I'm proposing to sell these and give all profits to the Children's Hospice charity that helps out my daughter Celyn and many other life-limited children.

To get a copy just:

i) email me your address to:

ii) tell me which type of book you want and if you want a plain signature or a signature and dedication (like "To Sam, all the best!")

iii) consult the table below for postage and packing costs

iv) add to that figure the amount you want to donate to the charity (I suggest $5 and up - $5 is fine, not everyone has a lot of money spare)

v) send me the money via paypal (ask me for the email I use)

vi) sit back and wait for your book.

Postage costs

To the USA (or other overseas destination):

US paperback: $8.50
UK paperback: $17.50
Trade paperback: $17.50

To the UK

US paperback: £2.80
UK paperback: £2.80
Trade paperback: £2.80

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