Friday, 2 May 2014

Screen Test - for fun! (also prizes)

So in honor of Hollywood interest in Prince of Thorns I'm going to run a 'screen test' contest.

These are prizes:

(more detailed shot here)

The rules are simple.

i) Make a short video clip of you (or someone else) reading some lines from the Broken Empire. Preferably a bit of dialogue/monologue. Ideally we want face time but if you're shy ... wear a bag on your head or whatever works for you :)

ii) Upload it to youtube, click the share button then the embed button and post the resulting link-code on the Hatcheree challenge.

 Most video files are too big to send to me or for me to post anywhere, so youtube is the way to go - it's easy to sign up, easy to upload.

I will award 3 prizes as follows:

i) Prize 1 will go to the top voted clip posted on Hatcheree. It will be: choose 2 items from the prize photo. (This does not include the chair, bed, or any of the other infrastructure, smartarse). 

ii) Prize 2 will go to a randomly selected entry - so you don't have to be the best actor/video maker etc to win. It will be: choose 1 item from the prize photo.

iii) Prize 3 will be my choice of entry and I'll choose the prize from the prize photo.

If you happen to know any world-class actors who want to be Jorg, then by all means let them know, Wolfgang Hammer will be watching and he is:

a) President of a Hollywood studio
b) Interested in putting the book on screen.

But mostly this is about having fun - so don't by shy, and if all you do is gabble "Ravens. Always the ravens!" with a bag on your head ... you could still win!

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