Friday 2 October 2015

Broken Empire special edition omnibus is up for pre-order!

All 52 of the leather-bound Broken Empire special edition omnibus, priced at $300 sold out in 9 minutes!

Don't despair though because the cloth-bound edition has the graphic design, the new Jason Chan art, the new Jorg short story, the signatures, and of course the three books, and is just $100. Also $10 of that $100 goes to the children's hospice charity (which is more than I make on each book).

Hurry though because the cloth-bound is also a limited edition and over 100 sold in the first hour so they won't be available for pre-order forever!

Pre-order here:

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE ... nah, just kidding.

Actually THERE IS MORE - if paypal have been messing you around please read this and try again!

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