Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Got ink?

Here are a selection of photos people have sent me of tattoos inspired by the Broken Empire, Red Queen's War, and Book of the Ancestor trilogies.

For the record, I have no tattoos. Nothing against them, I just prefer my tattoos on other people!

From Morty's Tattoo & Piercing on Instagram (where there is a video of it!)

Nathan Soares

A work in progress from Robert

And this one from Matt Rosa is inspired by Keot from Grey Sister!

And a Jorg from Morty


  1. Yay, my tattoo. Yorg is a bit older now. Too bad, Morty haven't posted the whole sleeve. Thanks for the inspiration and all the enjoyment of many, many Broken Empire re-reads.

    1. Yeah, the third part was a bit sloppy :D But I can show you my whole sleeve, if you want to.