Tuesday 28 June 2016

Stuff I've read...

This list is the reddit r/fantasy list of favourite fantasy books/series (votes on the left).

I've highlighted the ones that I've read at least one book from (most often it's just the one book I've read). So now you know!


  1. Cool!
    I've read 30 of them, one I did not finish (really didn't like it), and I've just started number 31 :)

    And Mark, you need to read Lightbringer! And why isn't John Gwynne there, his series is *amazing*!

  2. Oh, and by the way: silly people!! Broken Empire, at 11? Really? Should be 1 ;)
    I definitely loved it more than the ones in 1-10, hehe

  3. Mark, you really need to read at least the first Dune book. I'm not the biggest reader of books but Dune is a really good read. I'm nearly done with Wheel of Osheim and I'm loving the pace that it's written in.

    1. Actually I have read the first one ... I missed that one by accident. Have updated.

  4. Broken Empire should be higher :)

  5. I loved the drenai series, but I'm pretty surprised the Rigante series isn't on here.

  6. I've read 28 of them but out of those 23, i have completed! :D

  7. I've read at least one novel from 28 of these.
    21 I've completed.

    Subjective take: Broken Empire should be top five :)

  8. I'm surprised you haven't read Abercrombie's work. Aren't you guys like BFFs on Twitter? In either case, the First Law books are brilliant and you should check 'em out!