Saturday 1 September 2018

Brothers and Sisters, it's a giveaway.

Competition Closed

I've been sent a bunch of the Road Brothers paperbacks! And I still have a few Red Sister paperbacks left. So it's competition time. I'll send signed copies (or possibly other of my books if I have them) to the winners (anywhere in the world).

There will be one winner per ten entries up to a maximum of 4 books.

Winners will be chosen randomly but you get more chances to be chosen if your entry ticks more of the boxes.

To enter send me a photo of you in a road (the pavement/sidewalk is fine - don't get run over!). Where you live would be good, but any road will do. And let's see some of the street, not just your face and a rooftop. (This gives one chance).

For an extra chance include one or more brothers in the photo. I'm not going to check your genealogical records. If these are guys you consider to be your Road Brothers that's fine.

For an extra chance include one or more sisters in the photo. Same deal as with the brothers.

For a final extra chance have all those in the photo wearing red (like a red top, scarf, or hat, not socks or underwear!).

So each entry (one per person) has between 1 and 4 chances of winning.

Send me your photo at

The winners 
(selected by using the points to weight chances)

Many thanks for all the great entries. It was great to see you guys all over the world.
I always feel bad for the people who didn't win :/  But using absolves me of guilt. Hooray!

#49 Tony
#21 Vladislav
#5 Tamas
#42 Paige
#23 Shannon


#50 Stephanie (3 points) Alberta, Canada

#49 Tony (2 points)  Ireland (being a hard arse I am scoring this for those in the road only)

#48 Ant (2 points) Spain

#47 Raven (4 points)

#46 Alma (4 points), apparently the dog is male and dressed in red.

#45 Matt (1 point)

 #44 Irina (4 points), Constanta, Romania

#43 Will (3 points) The Great North Run ... England (North)

#42 Paige (2 points) Alberta, Canada - a brave attempt to qualify on the basis of red shoelaces!

#41 Mark (2 points) Hungary

#40 Mila (3 points)  Bulgaria

#39 Amy (2 points)

#38 Pulkit (3 points) Paris

#37 Mark (2 points) in Cambridge with his Red Sisters!

#36 Nicole (1 point) who appears to have forgotten about the whole road thing, but who I will give a point to for trying.

#35 Melisande (3 points) Malta

#34 Gareth (4 points) Spain

#33 David (2 points) twins in Washington, Indiana, USA

#32 Deborah (3 points) France

#31 Phil (2 points) Orlando, USA

#30 Mico (3 points) the Philippines

#29 Amar (4 points) Ontario, Canada

#28 Malthe (2 points) on the Greek island of Samos

#27 Rebecca (2 points)

 & proving it's a road

#26 Chris (2 points) in Caye Caulker, Belize (I've been backpacking there!!)

#25 Jan (2 points) in Albania

#24 Aurel (2 points) in Hungary

#23 Shannon (3 points) Leaving it ridiculously late to open their parachutes after being dropped into Monument Valley!

#22 Jon (2 points) Phillippines

(not recommended)

#21 Vladislav (2 points) I guess hedgehogs count now... Dunno where, Russia maybe?

#20 Teresa (3 points) Germany

#19 Anita + sisters (2 points) Chorley carnival, UK

#18 Mathew (4 points) South Africa

#17 Danijel (1 point) in Sarajavo, Bosnia

#16 Brianne (4 points) in Texas.

#15 Pau (3 points) in Barcelona

#14 Barbara (3 points)

#13 Brittany (2 points) beside a car that is the same age as me and wearing the years better.

#12 Scott (1 point) in Vietnam!

#11 Sabine (4 points) in Germany apparently cats count as well as dogs... I feel there is some rule creep going on.

#10 Jessica (1 point) despite a spirited attempt to argue the case for the car!

#9 Erchin (3 points)

#8 Bradley (2 points)

#7 Max (4 points) in Beijing. Max is on end to the right.

#6 Valeria (4 points)

#5 Tamas (2 points)

#4 James (2 points) apparently dogs count...

#3 Thomas (4 points)

#2 Mark (3 points) somewhere in Spain

#1 Calin (4points) sent in an upgrade!

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  1. I know you said it would be random but omgosh Max in Beijing's one is fantastic!