Friday 28 September 2018

Holy roughs, Batman!

Here are some of Tomasz Jedruszek's roughs for the UK cover of Holy Sister.

It's always nice when the artist is kind enough to let you share the process, and it's remarkable what a great artist like Tomasz can do with just broad strokes of the brush.

& for good measure, here are some roughs for the Grey Sister cover.


  1. Stunning, even though they're roughs..

  2. Why, oh why is the final Grey Sister version so much... I don't want to say worse, but it's like a tiger with its claws trimmed, compared to the sketches. So typical, boring and cliche, completely unlike the book content and unlike the sketches.

    About the Holy Sister - I like the first sketch the most (the girl looks like she has partially turned into a monster, as I expect her to in the book itself), though the final one is good too.