Monday 12 July 2021

10th anniversaries!

Today, as well as being my dad's 81st birthday is the 10th anniversary of A Dance With Dragons' release. A series I got my dad into reading.

I reviewed ADWD for the Sunday Express (UK national newspaper), again - thanks to my publisher for the gig - and my review ended thusly: "Turning the final page you can only be disappointed . . . to find it is the last, and you’ll immediately want to reach for the next volume. And there maybe lies the rub."

I have very positive memories of ADWD, not least because my UK publisher gave me a huge boost by giving away 1,000 copies of Prince of Thorns with ADWD copies bought in Waterstones. ADWD marks the start of my publishing journey, and Prince of Thorns celebrates its 10th anniversary at the start of August (pre-order your 10th anniversary edition while there are some left)

I'm still keen to read Winds of Winter, but there's plenty to keep me busy meantime.

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