Saturday 10 July 2021

A blog post about the blog!

Over the years the site that hosts this blog (Blogger) slowly changes the tools it offers to oversee things.

For example, the traffic monitor has a new look:

3,620,000 visits ... not bad!

It also shows you more of your most popular pages. And it's fair to say that the SPFBO has come to dominate my blog traffic! This is the all time popularity chart. The SPFBO homepage top of it with 61,800 view to date.

However, for the interested - here are links to my most popular non-SPFBO blog posts, ranked in order.

The biggest fantasy debuts in the past decade!

The World's Best Selling Fantasy Books

Grimdark. We're nailing it down!

Anatomy of a burglary - a four-act play.

Leading causes of fantasy deaths.

Towering Fantasy

Covers. (with a mere 15,000 views)

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