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SPFBO 8 - the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off 2022 - PHASE 1


This page is for phase 1 of SPFBO 8  -  read more about the contest here.

Phase 1 is now complete!

The finalist board for phase 2 is here.

As usual, some demographics:
And the traditional word cloud from the titles!

This year's generi-title appears to be Dust of the Blood-Shadow!

Here are some factoids about this year's entries:

6 have 1,000+ ratings on Goodreads
36 have 100+ ratings on Goodreads
63 have 50+ ratings on Goodreads

The Last Lumenian has 5,236 ratings on Goodreads.

Here are the 6 oldest entries - Silver and Blood was published 17 years ago.

Here are the 6 longest entries - We Break Immortals has 1,054 pages.

And check out the completed Cover Contest

Latest updates:

Late review for (semi-finalist) Horns of the Hunter, from Booknest.

Lynn's Books & The Critiquing Chemist deliver our final finalist!

The Fantasy Inn reveal the penultimate finalist for SPFBO 8!

The Fantasy Inn review Flight Of Sorcery And Shadow.

Mysterious Ways is reviewed on The Fantasy Inn.

The Woeling Lass is reviewed on The Fantasy Inn.

Fantasy-Faction pick the 8th finalist!

Fantasy-Faction review their 2nd place semi-finalist.

The seventh finalist is announced on Booknest!

On Lavender Tides is reviewed by The Fantasy Inn.

Fantasy-Faction's 3rd place semi-finalist.

Flight Of Sorcery And Shadow is reviewed by The Fantasy Inn.

The Fantasy Inn review Hell And High Water.

Another semi-finalist from Fantasy-Faction.

Our sixth finalist is announced on Fantasy Book Critic!

The Fantasy Inn reviews The Laughing Policeman.

Fantasy-Faction announce and cut a semi-finalist.

Our fifth finalist announcement is from Before We Go Blog!

The Fantasy Inn makes three cuts.

Five falter finally falling from Fantasy-Faction.

Our fourth finalist is announced on The Weatherwax Report!

Fear And Fury is reviewed on The Fantasy Inn.

Shadow Of The Assassin is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

The Fantasy Inn reviews Gatekeeper's Key.

Fantast-Faction cut five more books from the running.

The Order Of Chaos is reviewed on The Fantasy Inn.

Two semi-finalists cut on The Weatherwax Report.

The Fantasy Inn reviews Water For Blood.

The Long Nights is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

Bookborn announces the third finalist!

Ever Alice is reviewed on The Critiquing Chemist.

Before We Go Blog reviews Stonebearer's Betrayal.

The Fantasy Inn reviews The Flaws Of Gravity.

Heartless Hette is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

Spirits of Vengeance is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

Booknest announce another semi-finalist.

Before We Go Blog reviews The 13th Hour.

Dragon Prey is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

Five fall from Fantasy-Faction.

Queen's Book Asylum announce the second finalist!

Queen's Book Asylum review The Umbral Storm.

A Blade For Hire is reviewed on The Fantasy Inn.

Two more semi-finalists for Lynn's Books from The Critiquing Chemist.

Lynn's Books picks two semi-finalists.

Team Bookborn pick another semi-finalist.

Another semi-finalist from team Bookborn.

Atlas Rising is reviewed on The Fantasy Inn.

Lynn's Books reviews Miss Percy's Pocket Guide (To The Care And Feeding oOf British Dragons).

Another five fall from Fantasy-Faction.

Penny For Your Soul is reviewed on Queen's Book Asylum.

Between Ink And Shadows is reviewed on Lynn's Books.

Before We Go Blog reviews A Journey Of Black And Red.

The Weatherwax Report whacks two and promotes one.

The Blood Of Crows is reviewed on Lynn's Books.

The first finalist is announced by Becky M!

Lynn's Books reviews Scarlight.

Lynn's Books reviews The Hidden Blade.

The Binding Tempest is reviewed on Booknest.

A semi-finalist from Booknest.

.Becky M with the cuts.

Lynn's Books cut some more.

A semi-finalist from Team Bookborn.

More cuts from Becky M.

Lynn's Books & The Critiquing Chemist make some cuts.

The Queen's Book Asylum team consider The Dragon Charmer's Apprentice.

Envy is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

Becky M cuts 3 titles.

Onslaught of Madness is reviewed by Becky M.

A lot of books are out at the Fantasy Inn.

Becky M reviews India Bones And The Ship Of The Dead.

First five fall from Fantasy-Faction.

Many cuts from team Weatherwax.

The Witch Hunter is reviewed on Queen's Book Asylum.

Becky M cuts 3 titles.

Wistful Ascending is reviewed on Team Bookborn.

Team Weatherwax choose another semi-finalist.

Booknest reviews Fatal Shadow.

Semi-finalist Thrice is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

A Gathering Of Chaos is reviewed by Becky M.

Team Weatherwax make 3 more cuts.

Becky M reviews The King And Kishar.

4 cuts from Lynn's Books.

The Queen's Book Asylum team review Small Miracles.

3 cuts from Becky M.

4 cuts on Lynn's Books & The Critiquing Chemist.

Wax on, wax off.

Booknest's team chooses another semi-finalist.

Booknest reviews Goddess Of Nothing At All.

Booknest reviews Blazing Coffins.

Servant Of The Lesser Good is reviewed on Booknest.

The Shadow Courtesan is reviewed on Booknest.

The Weatherwax Report reviews Metanoia.

Becky M reviews Lightblade.

A final semi-finalist from Queen's Book Asylum.

Baker Thief gets a semi-finalist review on Before We Go Blog.

Team Bookborn pick another semi-finalist.

Before We Go Blog reviews The Empire's Lion.

Semi-finalist from Queen's Book Asylum?

Where Blood Runs Gold is reviewed by Team Bookborn.

A new semi-finalist from Team Bookborn.

Queen's Book Asylum choose another semi-finalist.

Booknest reviews Queen Of The Warrior Bees.

The Wrong Sword is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

I Shall Return With Winter is reviewed by Team Bookborn.

Team Bookborn make three cuts.

Team Bookborn review The Stones Of Valtara.

Becky M cuts three books.

The Night Comes Alive is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

Gingerbread Children is reviewed by Becky M.

Queen's Book Asylum choose another semi-finalist.

Team Bookborn review A Phantom's Vengeance.

More winnowing at The Fantasy Book Critic.

Whispers Of Ruin is reviewed by Becky M.

Game Of War is reviewed by Becky M.

The Weather Wax Report spills the beans on Draconis.

Queen's Book Asylum makes more cuts.

Lady Of The Mark is reviewed by Team Bookborn.

A Touch Of Light is reviewed on Booknest.

The Critiquing Chemist reviews Falling Through Stars.

Queen's Book Asylum dishes out three cuts.

Some cuts from Lynn's Books & The Critiquing Chemist.

Fire Of The Forebears is review by Team Bookborn.

Team Bookborn review Hazelhearth Hires Heroes.

Team Bookborn review Morrigan.

Team Bookborn review The Eve Of Snows.

Honor For The Dead is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

Another semi-finalist is chosen on Fantasy Book Critic.

The Weatherwax Report chooses two semi-finalists.

The Weatherwax Report makes cuts.

Three cuts from Becky M.

Two cuts from Queen's Book Asylum.

Heavy is reviewed on Booknest.

Becky M reviews The Wake Of Manadar.

Booknest reviews 9 Levels of Hell.

Lots of cuts from Fantasy Book Critic.

Three titles cut on Queen's Book Asylum.

Team Bookborn review D'Aprile's Fools

Team Bookborn review Deep's End.

Six books cut on The Weatherwax Report.

Three titles cut on Queen's Book Asylum.

Booknest review A Company Of Adventurers.

The Weatherwax Report reviews A Bitter Drink.

A 2nd semi-finalist chosen on Fantasy Book Critic.

The Burnt Watcher is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

Before We Go Blog reviews The Trials Of Ashmount.

Team Bookborn review Heir To The Sun.

Debunked is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

The Inquisitor is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

The Soul's Aspect is reviewed by Team Bookborn. 

Becky M cuts three books.

Abby Normal is reviewed on The Weatherwax Report.

The Weatherwax Report reviews Oil And Dust.

Before We Go Blog reviews House Of Bastiion.

The Blood Of Outcasts is reviewed by the Bookborn team.

A Bond Of Thread is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

Team Bookborn review The Merchant Prince.

Before We Go Blog reviews A Deadly Bloom.

A semi-finalist is chosen on Fantasy Book Critic.

Becky M reviews Tethered Spirits.

Empire Under A Dying Sun is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

The Killer And The Dead is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

Booknest review Orange Storm.

Booknest review A Matter Of Dragons.

Three cuts from The Weatherwax Report.

The Library is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

Way Of Thieves is reviewed on  Before We Go Blog.

The Bookborn Team review The Cradle.

The Bookborn Team review Ought To Be Dead.

There's Magic Between Us is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

Come Hell And High Water is reviewed on Before We Go Blog.

The Weatherwax Report reviews You Can't Prevent A Prophecy.

The Assassin Of Grins And Secrets is reviewed on Booknest.

The Last Lumenian is reviewed on Booknest.

Before We Go Blog review and cut The Seventh Cadence.

Before We Go Blog review and cut The Gatherers And The Illness Of The Isle.

Team Weatherdrifter review The Acktus Trials.

10 of 300 contestants are still in the running!

red = cut
indicates semi-finalist

These are provisional assignments to blogs - subject to rearrangement before the contest starts


Jennings Zabrinsky Troupe of Shadows

Kaleigh McCann The Darkness Calling

Clementine Fraser Dust Bound

Melissa McShane Burning Bright +

Juliet Vane The Scorpion's Lullaby

Joseph J. Bailey Master of the Flying Broom

Edward Rose The Soul Trade 

Rachel Emma Shaw Sacaran Nights +

Mitchell Hogan Raven: Reawakening

Nathan Hall An Altar on the Village Green +

Jessica Grace Wright Tails

S.C. Gowland Imagine The Fire

David Samuels Blood on the Canvas

Neil Adam Ray Gold Glamour's Ghost

Andrew C. Piazza A Song For The Void +

J. W. Benjamin Dungeon Man Sam and the Orphaned Core

Brand J. Alexander Rise of Tears

Elayna R. Gallea & Daniela A. Mera  The Pirate's Deal

Elise Carlson Manipulator's War

Dawson George The Crypt Lord's Call

Amy Campbell Breaker

Liz Delton The Alchemyst's Mirror

Tony Debajo In The Shadow of Ruin +

R R Carter Born of Fire

Selkie Myth Oathbound Healer

Grace Carlisle Forest of Forgotten Vows

Fowler Brown The True and Accurate Log of the Sand Ship Uncertainty

Kel E Fox Darkhaven

James G. Robertson Afterworld

Philinna Wood The Heart of the Bloodstone

Fantasy Book Critic

Holly Karlsson Kingdom of Essence +

L. Ryan Storms A Thousand Years to Wait

Sarah K. L. Wilson Fly With the Arrow +

Anitha Krishnan Dying Wishes

Tatiana Obey Bones to the Wind

J E Hannaford         The Skin

J. B. Cantwell Wild Lands

Kristin Gleeson Awakening the Gods +

Pablo Suarez The Broken Oath

Morgan K. Bell Broken Sky

Morgan Stang The Spider and the Scribe

P.D Ball         They call me Princess Cayce

Anna Tan Amok

Hiyodori         The Lowest Healer and the Highest Mage

Marcus Abshire Hard Skip  

HJ Tolson Liches Get Stitches

Pat Luther Yellow Tape and Coffee

Derrick Smythe To Wield a Plague

Julianne Munich The Reborn Prince

O. J. Barré Awen Rising

Jonatan Håkansson The Girl of Precinct Five

J. W. Judge Vulcan Rising

Lauren Louise Hazel The Reign of the Occult

Sean Crow Quenched in Blood

Kyoko M The Black Parade

E J Doble The Fangs of War

Jacob Stewart From A Great Height

Patrick LeClerc The Beckoning Void

L. Krauch The 13th Zodiac

Thomas Howard Riley We Break Immortals

Lynn's Books + The Critiquing Chemist

Stephen Taylor Candle and Claw

Joshua Derrick Ser Ghostwriter 

Alex C. Pierce The Blood of Crows +

HJ Ramsay Ever Alice +

Melissa Wright Between Ink and Shadows

Noor Al-Shanti When the Traveler Stands Still

Kat Loveland Testament of An Archangel

Aaron Fown Asterius & Thesius Walk Into the Light

Zak Dragon The Lich of Thandorien

Ben Merrick Where the Valley Meets the Sky

Aaron S. Jones Memories of Blood and Shadow

Joseph Sale Dark Hilarity

Evie Marceau Scarlight

R. Ramey Guerrero Dust of a Moth's Wing

Tristan Dineen Falhorne: The World Is Burning

S. R. Cronin One of One

Kian N. Ardalan The Fantastically Underwhelming Epic

Staci Olsen Falling through Stars

Kelvin Womack Elusion of Freedom

Luke Tarzian The World Breaker Requiem +

Thane Tyler The Heretic

Christopher G. BrenningThe Hellborn King

Quenby Olson Miss Percy's Pocket Guide (to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons) +

Anne Wheeler Crownkeeper

Steven Smith Cutthroats and Traitors

L. R. Schulz A King's Radiance

S.A. Klopfenstein Den of Thieves

Marie M. Mullany The Hidden Blade

R.E. Davies The Prophecy

Patricia S. Bowne Fountain Girl


Emerson Laine Augustine

S.G. Blaise The Last Lumenian

Willow Woods The Shadow Courtesan

Steven Rudy The Binding Tempest +

Ron C. Nieto Captain of the guard

Meredith Hart A Matter of Dragons

Jennifer Allis Provost Heir to the Sun

Chelsea Harper Wake of the Phoenix

Rune S. Nielsen A Company of Adventurers

Ashley Capes Crossings

K.E.Andrews The Assassin of Grins and Secrets +

Jowsey Jones Blazing Coffins

Hayley Reese Chow Odriel's Heirs

A.J. Calvin The Moon's Eye

Jean Gill         Queen of the Warrior Bees

E.C. Static 9 Levels of Hell

K.A. Honeywell Damn Wilds

Alex Raizman The Wastes of Keldora

Thiago Abdalla A Touch of Light +

Frank Dorrian Horns of the Hunter +

Ned Marcus Orange Storm

Audrey Simmons Child of the Moon

Lucas Pederson Ashes of the Witch

Noel Coughlan Fatal Shadow

Joe Coates Blood For Wages

J.J. Thorn Heavy

Rachael Vaughn The Last Culling

Elizabeth S. Trafalgar The Courts of Fate and Fear

Cat Rector The Goddess of Nothing At All

Shaun Paul Stevens Servant of the Lesser Good

The Weatherwax Report

S. S. Rundolin Sabin Escape From Foster Care

Sinnamon Carnelian A Trashy Medieval Romance

Azalea Forrest A Bitter Drink +

Slifer274 / Aaron Shih Heretical Oaths

Bruce McKnight Forged In Flame

Samuel Thomas Fraser Abby Normal

Lewis Knight The Eye of Everfell

S. Lynn Helton Crystalborne Sigils

Kevin Wright The Definition of Vengeance +

Trina L. Talma Silver and Blood

D.G. Redd You Can't Prevent Prophecy +

David Oliver Draconis

Erynn Lehtonen Spirit of the Dragon

Ryan G. Beaty Crown of Madness

Stephanie Burgis Scales and Sensibility +

Raina Nightingale Children of the Dryads

D. T. Kane The Acktus Trials

Adam R. Bishop A Sea of Cinders

Brittany M. Willows Bloody Spade

Emmanuel Akeyo The Gritikah Castle

Juniper Lake Fitzgerald Metanoia

Berneta L. Haynes Aya and the Alphas

S.K. Nova The Pacts We Make For Love

Edward Patrick The Rage of a Boy

Jami Fairleigh Oil and Dust

T.M Kohl The Lost King

Helen Rygh-Pedersen Waking Ursa Minor

Leslie Conzatti Princess of Undersea

Richard Fierce The Price of Honor

M. L. Roberts The Boy Who Drew Horses

The Fantasy Inn

Rance D. Denton His Ragged Company

Will Rice         The Sorcerer Within

Charlotte E. English Hell and High Water

Dwayne Leroy Homefall

Lily Anne Crow Dreams of Dust

Katie Cherry Blessed With A Curse

Topher Metcalf/Walt Allen The Gates Of Anak'anor

Ben J Henry The Order of Chaos

Rebecca Crunden These Violent Nights

Krista Wallace Gatekeeper's Key

Stephanie Caye The Flaws of Gravity

Steve McHugh No Gods, Only Monsters

Meg Cowley Flight of Sorcery and Shadow +

Chad Retterath Weapons of Disharmony

Jarryd Smith Oath Broken

Blake Severson Atlas Rising

Jamie Jackson Fear and Fury

Dave Dobson The Woeling Lass +

C.G. Harris The Nine

Elizabeth J Brown The Laughing Policeman        

Drew Montgomery The Last Dragonkeeper

Abbie Evans Mysterious Ways +

Christopher D. Brand A Blade For Hire

Travis M. Riddle On Lavender Tides +

A.R. Henle Water for Blood

Mae Jordon Flowers and Bones

Chris Fritschi Spiritbridge

V. M. Jaskiernia Delphinium, or A Necromancer's Home

Heather N. Russell Chosen

Benjamin J. Ryan Beckoning of the Gate

Becky M

Daniel Aegan Excalibur Nights

K.A. Wiggins Blind the Eyes

J.D.L. Rosell Whispers of Ruin

T R Peers The Wake of Manadar

Glen Dahlgren The Game of War

Catherine Weaver Gold Dust

Zamil Akhtar Lightblade +

Lane Trompeter The Crux of Eternity

J.T. Williams Our Dead Gods

Ian Gregoire The Apprentice In The Master's Shadow

Rachel L. Tilley The Locket: Magician's Prophecy

Freddie A. Clark The Harbinger of Freedom

Melissa Polk Beneath the Shadow Dark

Timothy S Currey The King & Kishar +

Set Sytes         India Bones and the Ship of the Dead

Sargey Ravenwood King Arthur vs Robin Hood

Carol Carman Gingerbread Children

A J Walker Emperor's Fate

Cameron Hopkin A Gathering of Chaos +

Suzannah Rowntree A Day of Darkness

Marcela Carbo Fate's Long Shadow

Ashton Gaskill The Chaos Storm Expedition

Phillip Murrell Bystanders

Amber Gabriel A Crack In The Rock

S.F. Claymore Champion's Rising

Peter Blaisdell The Jinn and the Two Kingdoms

T. A. Hernandez Tethered Spirits +

Barbara Lennox The Wolf in Winter

Wren Murphy The Serpent Lord

Jesse Teller Onslaught of Madness 

Before We Go Blog

Tom Mock The Long Nights +

M.L. Farb Heartless Hette +

K.L. Kolarich House of Bastiion

Andrew D Meredith Thrice +

Alex J. Eiseman The Gatherers and the Illness of the Isle

Tim Beeden Envy +

Lee H. Haywood Shadow of the Assassin +

H.C. Harrington The Inquisitor

Kody Boye A Deadly Bloom

Allegra Pescatore & J.P. Burnison A Bond of Thread

Jim Wilbourne The Seventh Cadence

Hannah Steenbock Dragon Prey

Keith Healing The Burnt Watcher

Connor Ludovissy Honor for the Dead

John Palladino The Trials of Ashmount

Casey White The Library

Craig A. Price Jr. Way of Thieves

W. B. Biggs Come Hell and High Water

Ted Rabinowitz The Wrong Sword

Joseph O. Doran Empire Under a Dying Sun

Jodi L. Milner Stonebearer's Betrayal

Trudie Skies The Thirteenth Hour +

Claudie Arseneault Baker Thief +

Jillian Maria There's Magic Between Us

Roderick T. Macdonald The Killer and The Dead

Nathan Tudor The Empire's Lion

Dito Abbott Debunked

Alex Gilbert A Journey of Black and Red

Ross Hughes The Night Comes Alive

Rob J. Hayes Spirits of Vengeance +

Queen's Book Asylum

Heather G Harris Glimmer of The Other

Andrea L. Staum Rogue's Kiss

JC Kang Dragon Charmer's Apprentice +

Michael E. Thies The Clash of Fates

Cal Black No Land For Heroes

Reginald Lewis The Guardian of the Ward

Melissa Stone Stars of Destiny: Light

Robert H Fleming The Talon's Fury

Valinora Troy The Lucky Diamond

Aiden L Turner The Banner of the Broken Orc

Reuben J Eckhart Dissension

Lorain O'Neil Azalea & Syzygy

Chris Fox Shattered Gods

Katy Mullett The Stone Guardians: The Path of Fate

Ben Stava A Hunter Among Wolves

K.A. Ashcomb Penny for Your Soul +

Coby Zucker Nomads of the Sea

Brianna da Silva City of Reckoning

Carissa Andrews Secret Legacy

EM Howell Queen of the Wild

Pedro Gabriel     Ironcraft

J.R. Mathews Portal to Nova Roma

Emma L. Adams The Lost Sentinel

Olivia Atwater Small Miracles +

MJ Carstarphen The Wandering Tree 

Rick Waugh The Eternal Muse: Desecration

Alec Hutson The Umbral Storm +

Casey Hollingshead The Witch Hunter +

Olga Werby Pigeon

Sean Mauss The Three Sons


Mark Holloway The Soul's Aspect

JCM Berne Wistful Ascending

A.C. Cross Where Blood Runs Gold

Ron Sami The Cradle

Christopher Clargo The Stones of Valtara +

Alex Hanson The Lady of the Mark +

Lorne Ryburn The Menocht Loop +

Leslie Aldridge Guardians of the Light

K. H. Nelson The Grim

Hannah E. Carey The Hunter

Marco Mizzi A Phantom's Vengeance

D. A. Smith The Blood of Outcasts

PJ Wilson Profane Rites

Johan Faire The Merchant Prince

D. H. Willison Hazelhearth Hires Heroes

Grace J Roberts Sekhmet

Charlotte Kersten Sweetness and Blessings

Kai Greenwood Deep's End

Scott Warren Ought to be Dead

Karen Lykkebo Heir to The Sun +

L. James Rice Eve of Snows

L.A. Buck Fire of the Forebears +

Jonathan King Morrigan

Alfred Wurr Phantom Frost

Phil Parker The Valkyrie of Vanaheim

Michael DeAngelo D'Aprile's Fools

CF Welburn I Shall Return With Winter

Toby Bennett The Sickle's Edge

AK Faulkner Jack of Thorns

Craig Schaefer Any Minor World

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  1. Missy the Werecat by P. G. Allison was in 2016's SPFBO.

  2. Good luck all! I had no idea this would be so much fun - thank you Mark and all the bloggers!