Wednesday, 17 May 2023

SPFBO 9, Phase 1

This page charts progress in Phase 1 of the 9th Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, which will run from June 1st to October 30th 2023. To read more about the SPFBO contest please visit the homepage.

Here are some factoids about this year's entries:
(taken from this list very helpfully compiled by C. Borden)

2 have 1,000+ ratings on Goodreads
30 have 100+ ratings on Goodreads
56 have 50+ ratings on Goodreads

Wild Knight has 6,080 ratings on Goodreads.

Here are the 6 oldest entries - A Donkey, A Stablehand And An Empire was published 15 years ago.

Here are the 6 longest entries - Through Dreams So Dark has 892 pages.


On Team Bookborn A Thing Immortal is reviewed.
The Way of Unity is this year's first semi-finalist - reviewed on Before We Go Blog.
The Weatherwax Report reviews The Bleeding Stone.
The Weatherwax Report kicks things off with a review of Feast!

300 books are still in the running!

We have 1 semi-finalist.

We have 0 finalists.


Kenny Gould

The Castle of 1,000 Doors

Michael Webb

Fortress of the Lost Amulet

Sadir S. Samir

The Crew

Casey White

Roots and Steel

Mike Mollman

Becoming A Druid

E.M. McConnell

The Sunset Sovereign

Ashley Capes

The Moss Dragon of Brittlekeep

Michael R. Schultheiss

The Altar of My Fate

Chris Mayne


Paul Mouchet

Between Land and Sea: A Little Mermaid Retelling

William Ray

Shadow Debt

Aldrea Alien

Tracking Trouble

C.N. Rowan

imPerfect Magic


Hills of Heather and Bone

Yuval Kordov

The Hand of God

Joshua Scott Edwards

An Ocean of Others

CL Jarvis

The Doctrines of Fire



R.S Ford

Herald of the Storm

Michael Roberti

The Traitors We Are

C M Kerley

The Hummingbird's Tear

Victoria Tecken


Raina Nightingale

Heart of Fire

Becky James

The Tenets in the Tattoos

Sean Gibson

The Camelot Shadow

Laurie Janey

The Crossing

Samuel Hinton

Soul Relic

J. E. Purrazzi

The Legend of Tawhiri

Benjamin Aeveryn

Salt in the Wound

Phil Williams

Dyer Street Punk Witches

Fantasy Book Critic

Jessica A. McMinn

The Ruptured Sky

A. R. Witham

The Legend of Black Jack

Alex Hanson

The Heart of Jesparia

Oliver Carman

Out of Shadows

H.D. Woolf

Red Mage

Lyra Wolf

That Good Mischief

Grace Bridges

Volcano City

Luis Falcao de Magalhaes

The Daughter of the Ice

Aaron Jackson

The Cataclysm

James Mordechai

A Crack in the World

Daan Katz

Night's Reign

Ben Green

Forged in the Fallout

Heidi K. Allen

Where Madness Lies

Tracy M Joyce


Jamie Jackson

The Sparrow and the Oak Tree

Melissa Polk

Beautiful Undone

David Heyman

A Donkey, A Stablehand & An Empire

Mitchell Hogan

Crucible of Lies

Jack Batchen

The Outside

RJ Wheldrake

That Which The Deep Heart Knows

J.C. Snow

The Phoenix and the Sword

H.C. Newell

Curse of the Fallen

Taylor Hartley

A Gallery for the Barbarian

Todd Herzman

Hack, Slash & Burn

Sam Pigg


J.D.L. Rosell

The Last Ranger

Katherine D. Graham

The Vow That Twisted Fate

M. X. Walker

The Girl And Her Demon: First Pact

Chad Retterath

Notes on Monster Hunting

Emma L. Adams

Death's Disciple

Lynn's Books + The Critiquing Chemist

Alexander Layne

The Bone Spear

Cassandra Stirling

The Deep Space Between

Felix Taylor

Crown of Rebellion

Steve Hugh Westenra

The Wings of Ashtaroth

Lincoln Law

A Crown of Blood

Eric Lewis

The Heron Kings Rampant

PJ Nwosu

Dream of Death City

W.R. Gingell

A Whisker Behind

Andrew D Meredith

Deathless Beast


The First and Last Demon

Jay Tallsquall

Legacy of the Vermillion Blade

Brien Feathers

Warlock of Muscovy

Maxime Jaz


R.K. Ashwick

A Rival Most Vial: Potioneering for Love and Profit

PJ Alexander

Dark Innocence

James Lloyd Dulin

No Heart for a Thief

B. S. H. Garcia

Of Thieves and Shadows

C M Debell

The Many Shades of Midnight

K.B. Sprague

Out of the Grey

Joe Coates

The Darkness Calling

Michelle Piper

Price of Innocence

Alex Robins


Carol Carman


Shelly Campbell

Under The Lesser Moon

Zachary M. Kekac

The Wayfarer

JC Rycroft

The Blood-Born Dragon

Reed Logan Westgate

Soulstealer Origins

B. N. Reele

Vanishing Ink

C. E. Page

A Song of Sorrow

Simone Snaith

The Quavering Air

The Weatherwax Report

Sienna Frost


A. L. Lorensen

For Evergreens and Aspen Trees

j.e. pittman

Felix Chance: Volume One

Tim Hardie

A Quiet Vengeance

Stuart Simms


Jay Requard


R. Dugan


W.D Seitz

The Beauty of Dawn

João F. Silva

Seeds of War

Joseph John Lee

The Bleeding Stone

Ben Spencer

Many Savage Moons

Suzannah Rowntree

The Werewolf of Whitechapel

Annabel Chase

Wild Knight

Rosalie Oaks

The Lady Jewel Diviner

J. Patricia Anderson

Daughters of Tith

Jeremy Miller

The Last Dai'akan

L.E. Harper

Kill Your Darlings

Tim Frankovich

The Certainty of Blood

Thomas Allen


Jonathan Neves Mayers

Vevin Song

C. Borden

Echoes of Dragons

Laura Huie

The Unchosen

Seann Barbour

The Ghosts in the Flames

Joe Field

Watchers of the Evenfall

Stephen Wolberius

Night Demon

Gerard Howard

The Fractured God

Jacquelyn Hagen

The Wickwire Watch

Edith Pawlicki

A Magical Imperative

Darran M Handshaw

The Dark Heart of Redemption

Em McDermott

The Woods

Becky M

Shan Syed

Western Invasion

Lidiya Foxglove

Doll Girl Meets Dead Guy

Jay S. Willis

Dream of the Sphere

Alec Hutson

The Book of Zog

Jeff McIntyre

The Garden Gnome

R.L. Parker


Peter Benton

Eve's Apple

Jason Link

Angel from the Rust

A.R. Rathmann

Gates to Illvelion

Mark McKerracher


Niranjana Siva and Archana Sujai

The Missing Piece of History

C.M. Caplan

The Fall Is All There Is

Richard Fierce

Throne of Deceit

Chaz Lebel

Litany of the Destroyer

Dustin Porta and D.K. Holmberg

The Dragon's Hide

Charlotte E. English


Jill Chard

The Relic Thief

T. R. Peers

The Zero of Destiny

Jacqui Davis, Katy Grierson


Simon Graeme

Dark Lament

Francis Deer and Mika Hunter

Stars and Ravens

Samuel Gately

The Rise of the Falsemarked

E.L. Lyons

Starlight Jewel

Colm Quinn


Joan Marie Verba


Wilbur Seymore

Young Wytch

Anne Mattias


J. W. Judge

Casual Business with Fairies

J.D. Mitchell

Springtide Harvest

Gregory Kontaxis

The Return of the Knights

Before We Go Blog

Elizabeth Schechter

Written in Water

Steven William Hannah

The First Rule

Tayor Crook

Infernal Shadow

Delilah Waan


Sarah K. Balstrup

The Way of Unity +

Sarah K. L. Wilson

Of Deeds Most Valiant

Lorain O'Neil

The Liar Charms

Angelika Rust

A Tree's Heart

Carl D. Albert

Truth of Crowns

JF Garrard

The Undead Sorceress

Hannah E. Carey

The Betrayer: Tales of Pern Coen

Joanna Maciejewska


Clayton Snyder

Cold West

Angela Boord

Through Dreams So Dark

HJ Tolson

Twilight Kingdom

Michael Gisman

Defenders of Myth: Beginnings

Shawn McGee

Wild Eyed Southern Boys

Daniel Meyer

Credible Threats

James Downe

Sisters of Jade

Cam Sinclair

Shadow of the Winter Mood

Nicole Pierman

Danu's Curse

Karim Soliman

The Third Crossing

Steve D. Wall

The Way of Renegades

Helen Rygh-Pedersen

The Briar Crown

Michael Baker

Candle Children

K.R.R. Lockhaven

Mrs. Covington's

Arden Powell

The Bachelor's Valet

Palmer Pickering


Trevor Melanson

Trial of the Alchemist

R. K. Brainerd

Jagged Emerald City

Queen's Book Asylum

Kian N. Ardalan

Eleventh Cycle

Ted Cross

The Shattered Spire

Kate Schumacher

Shadow of Fire

Timothy Wolff

Platinum Tinted Darkness

Mike Rousseau

Scarlet and Sunder

Philinna Wood

Fae Gods: Maze

R. R. Hunter

The Untold Prophecy

Jean Gill

The Ring Breaker

M.T. Fontaine

Carved Amidst the Shadows

C. Litka

Beneath the Lanterns

Aaron Bunce and Christopher Guhl

Wings of the Storm

Melissa Wright

Beyond the Filigree Wall

L. James Rice

The Contessa of Mostul Ûbar

Melissa Stone

Path of the Warrior

Brendan Noble

A Dagger in the Winds

Christiane Knight

In Sleep You Know

Sharon Rivest


Aisha Urooj

The Stone Mermaid

Susan Maxwell

And the Wildness

Peter Mooren

The Return of Abaddon

Frank Borrelli

Reign of Extinction

Drew Montgomery

Gods of the Deep

Ryan Kirk

The Last Fang of God

Sarah Cline

The Gardens of Ash

John Champaign

Endless Seas: Never Meet Your Idols

Catherine M Walker


M.C. Burnell

The Spider's Friend

Brogan Thomas

Rebel Unicorn

Bogdan Tăbușcă

Rise of the Empress

Jayme Hunt

Marked by Fate


Derek Alan Siddoway & Katie Cross

A Spring for Spears

Matthew Zorich

Bastards of Liberty

A.E. Dinsmoor

Battle for Neverland: Countdown

Daniel Maidman

The Exile of Zanzibar

V. A. Boston

Fairy Door

E C Greaves

Daughter of the Beast

Kevin Wright

Terminus Rex

J.E. Cabrera

Strangers in the High City

Melissa Bobe

Nascent Witch

Barry K Gregory

A Thing Immortal

Michael Michel

The Price of Power

SC Gowland

Delusions & Dragons

Brian O'Sullivan

Liath Luachra: The Raiders

Lily Anne Crow

If Light Above

Belinda Crawford

Demons & Battleskirts Volume 1

Abigail Morrison

The Yochni's Eye

Troy Knowlton

The Winds of Change

Louise Gorday

Edgar and the Flyboys

Kristin L Hamblin

Fated Born

Nia Quinn

A Wreck of Witches

Freya Faust

Stray Dogs

Alexander Nader


Eileen Mueller

Anakisha's Dragon

Blake Carpenter


Mathilda Zeller

The Revenge of Bridget Cleary

Dan Fitzgerald

The Living Waters

Naomi P. Cohen

The Fey of Castle Garden

R. Lindsay Carter

Unfamiliar Territory

S. M. Carter

To Steal the Sun

Rebecca Schmid


Philip Chase

Austin Windsor

A Twist of Fate

Alice Johnson

Little Secrets

Norbert Zsivicz

Sealed Empire

Mandy Burkhead

A Single Spark

Audrey Martin

A Searing Faith

M. V. Prindle

Bob the Wizard

Lisa Vandiver

Mystic Mist

Alex Raizman

The Dungeon that Walks Like a Man

Angel Haze

Blood of Vengeance

Thomas Howard Riley

The Monsters We Feed

Natalie Kelda

River in the Galaxy

Mitriel Faywood

A Gamble of Gods

M. H. Thaung

The Diamond Device

Amanda Muratoff & Kayla Hansen

Embrace of the Shade

IQ Malcolm

Church of Thieves

Steven Paul Watson

Fairywood Falls

Daniel J. Lyons

The Path to Vihaan

Toby Bennett

A Lady in Crystal

Thomas J. Prestopnik

Nicholas Raven and the Wizards' Web - Vol. 1

Rose Catherine Khan

Return to the Castle

Mandy O'Dell

Witch Stone

Melinda Kucsera

Curse Breaker Enchanted

Marcus Lee

The Mountain of Souls

Morgan Shank

A Low Country

Juliet Vane

Tales of Sand and Stars

Amber L. Werner

Shadows That Bind Us

Brock Mays

Embers: Book One of the Ascension Saga

Morgan Stang

Murder at Spindle Manor

W.D. Kilpack III

Crown Prince

Bryan Asher

The Fear of Moncroix


J. Daniel Layfield

Spell Fade

Adam Copeland

Echoes of Avalon

Rob J. Hayes

Pawn's Gambit

Lara Lynwood

Blood Will Out

Wend Raven

Master of the Void

Seth Hobbs

A Sword of the Three Rivers

Mary McKenna

Lady of Ravensmere

Jamie Edmundson

An Inheritance of Ash and Blood

NC Koussis

The Sword of Mercy and Wrath

Michael J. Hedayat

Grace Defend Us

D. N. Bryn

Odder Still

Giordano J. Lahaderne

The Mambo Wizard: Breakfast is Served!

N.R. Gravel


Natalie Maher


Alexander Wyatt

The Fires of Time

Debbie Iancu-Haddad

Speechless in Achten Tan

Cassie Greutman


Oliver Laws

Crystal Gunslinger - The Obsidian Outlaws


Love Crafted

Zack Bel

The Nightingale Prince

Olena Nikitin

Autumn Chaos

Meredith Hart

Hearts Lost

Cassidy Faline

The Awakening Fire

C. D. McKenna

The Blood of the Lion

MT Zimny


Nathan Hartle

Summoning and Sacrifice

A.J. Cerna

City of Mages

M. H. Woodscourt

Prince of the Fallen

Aaron Hodges


Nancy Foster

Fragmented Fates

First 300 entries above


  1. Engines of Alchemancy by Scott Marlowe was formerly The Five Elements (according to Amazon), which was entered in the first SPFBO.

  2. Between Land and Sea: A Little Mermaid Retelling is in two places, so one of them should get a replacement