Wednesday 1 May 2013

Emperor of Thorns is here (kinda)

The books have been printed! I don't have one yet... but I can lick the screen.

Suprisingly early (release date is August 1st (UK) / 6th (US)), but they exist, so put to bed any worries of delay etc.

It's a surprisingly poignant thing to see the last book of your first trilogy roll out. More so than with the first one. Rather like the difference between seeing your child born and packing them off into the wide world.


  1. Me likee, me want one... when do Goldsboro London get 'em? I do think you've been lucky with all 3 covers, they're pretty gorgeous. They'll look splendid lined up on the bookshelf like ducks in a row.
    I bought the first 2 for loadsamoney on Ebay so need to get in early this time around (plus you'll actually get a cut!).

  2. something to look forward to then, for this summer.
    congrats btw!

  3. Awesome! Emperor looks a lot thicker than the other two! Can't wait to finish the trilogy.

  4. That Emperor is now in print is proof to me of a benevolent deity.


  5. Soooo can't wait to get my copy of this, but I also don't want the story to end! Yay & Grrr!

  6. I just finished the first two books in the series this month wile lying in my hammock somewhere in the Swedish countryside. Either way with heavy regret I put down The King of Thorns and felt that melancholy when I just know that the wait will be long and arduous. Yet when I return to civilization and google the next book I find it will arrive shortly!

    This gladens my heart!

    Looking forward to the next book! Good work on the last two! I can't help but love a good anti-hero!

  7. can't wait. slowed down reading King because I did not want it to end. But, Emperor is coming. yeah!!!!!!!

  8. Great conclusion to the series... But I have so many unanswered questions... Be great to see more of the world this is set in. Thanks for an entertaining read... Best I have read since "A wise mans fear" by Patrick Rothfusd