Sunday 23 June 2013

The Broken Empire Time-Lines

So I've made a graphic for the time-lines across the three books of the Broken Empire trilogy. For the ultra-purist it's possible these might be considered spoilery in some way and so I show below a link to a recent blog I did on the Voyager website about finishing the trilogy.

Hopefully this will create some spoiler space in case you don't want to see the time-lines.

My Voyager blog-post can be found HERE

And the time-lines across all three books are shown below:

Jorg's age is along the vertical.


  1. So, I've just read your blog post on the Voyager website. I am so looking forward to Emperor of Thorns. I am glad you are stopping the story when you feel its appropriate creatively .... too many series just get overworked till you forget why you loved the characters in the first place. I hope you don't feel too much pressure to come up with another story. I'm sure that no matter how long it takes or what else you write, it will be authentic and true to yourself as a writer.

  2. Hi Mark, I just finished King of Thorns and I'm definitely going to re-read the series, it was brilliant and I cannot wait until August!
    I'm just curious about how you would describe Makin and Jorg's relationship to each other and also how it compares to Jorg's friendships with the other Brothers. I really enjoyed reading their conversations and especially how Jorg perceives Makin in the first book compared to how he does in the second. I'm looking forward to reading more of their 'bromance' (as a friend of mine calls it, haha) in Emperor!

    1. Heh - well that's a question that has a complicated answer... Makin is the only one of them who knew Jorg before he went on the road - the only one who knew him in his original environment and shared elements of that background himself. He's also nearly twenty years older so there will be elements of father-figure in the mix. And then again we have the business of how our perception of constant figures in our lives change as we grow and start to share more of their experience... 'Interesting' is probably the best description.