Monday 23 November 2015

A murder of queens!

I'm still hunting the collective noun for queens - but since these are Red Queens I've gone for a 'murder', as with crows.

Anyway, I thought I'd gather together the photos that have come in for DarkSide Books' promotion of the release of Prince of Fools in Brazil.

Darkside are a new publisher but they do an amazing job on social media and have sold more hardcover copies of my work than all my other publishers put together!

On Facebook the DarkSide page has an astounding 500,000+ likes and one of the photos below has already had 4000+ likes and 250+ shares.

Darkside really understand the power of imagery and the appeal of wonderfully made hardcover editions.

I include at the end a drawing that's rather closer to the Red Queen seen in the book!

Desiree Baptista


Vanessa Profili, photo by Carolina Sakuma

By Simon Schmidt (more here)


  1. Hi Mark! This girls are amazing <3 I'm in love with these photographs.

    BTW, do you want to put the names on your post? - Adriana Cecchi - Anna Schermak - Tyta Montrase

    Best regards :)

  2. i had read the Broken Empire Trilogy in paperback english copies long before Darkside published it here in Brazil. The thing is, Darkside's hardcover editions are so astonishingly well-made that I couldn't help but to buy all of the books again. No regrets.

  3. Yeah, Mark, DarkSide os one of the best brazilian publisher. I'm in love for the editions of your books! *-*