Wednesday 11 November 2015

Best Fantasy 2015 - the semi-finals of the Goodreads Choice awards

It's the semi-finals. You can vote again - the totals are cumulative.

The Goodreads Choice awards are somewhat bizarre in that the semi-finals actually sport a larger field of contestants than round 1.

Five write-in books have been added.

One of these write-ins illustrates the problem that The Liar's Key will have in reaching the final.
Since 2014 Goodreads have wrapped the paranormal romance category into the fantasy category.

This book has 12,649 ratings compared to 2,643 for The Liar's Key. Those are *huge* sales right there. Paranormal romance, books with male torsos on the front, sell ridiculously well. Epic fantasy has a very hard time competing.

So if you can find time to vote again - please do! :)


  1. The paranormal romance issue aside (and that is a silly inclusion on Goodreads part), this is a solid field of epic fantasy novels. I just starting pulling together a top 10 list for the year last night, and 4 of my top 10 made it to this round . . . although only 1 of my top 4.

  2. Burned part of a spin off very well done contemporary fantasy series Fever. Both series are great and they are among my favorites. Believe me, there is nothing romantic about this book.

    1. OK ... but the author describes her self as a writer of paranormal romance...

      And she is a winner of the prestigious Romance Writers of America RITA award, and multiple RITA nominee.

    2. Also the man has no shirt and no face :)