Tuesday 3 November 2015

The Goodreads Choice Awards!

Woo & Hoo!

The Liar's Key is a nominee in the Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Fantasy 2015!

Find all the nominees here and VOTE!

Amazingly all my books have made the nominee list for the Goodreads Choice Awards, every year since 2011 has featured a Lawrence book on the list!

Prince of Thorns came 10th in 2011
King of Thorns came 4th in 2012
Emperor of Thorns came 9th in 2013
Prince of Fools missed the final by 1 place and came 11th in 2014

In 2014 the paranormal fantasy category was combined with the fantasy category - this meant a flood of very popular vampire/werewolf books and urban fantasy books joined the mix, making the whole business much harder! It's the same this year.

In the graph below I've plotted the number of ratings each nominee has on Goodreads. Some like Jim Butcher's book and Brandon Sanderson's book have relatively low numbers because they've come out only very recently. The Liar's Key has been out since June and is only 4th on the list because ... MOST OF THOSE GUYS ARE SUPER POPULAR!

So I really need your vote :)

(click for detail)

It's worth noting that in the YA fantasy section (note Schwab describes herself as writing YA fantasy) the top book has 68,000 ratings and several are in the 30-50K range. Which shows just how lucrative that market is! I'm very glad it's a separate category or us epic fantasy authors would never show.


  1. Jim Butcher's book has had mixed reviews, but his fans are loyal, so I'm VERY interested to see how he performs on this. Same with Gaiman's title there - not his most talked about and enjoyed.

  2. Paranormal fantasy should be separated out just like YA fantasy. Epic fantasy and paranormal are different enough to justify it. At least in my opinion.

  3. I'm curious about the data analytics and graphing you do. Do you write code to parse the data off goodreads and plot it? Sorry if it's off topic...

  4. I already voted for The Liar's Key! The best book I read and reviewed all year!

  5. It is an injustice to the writers of epic/high fantasy, which is usually adventure themed, to have to compete with paranormal fantasy, which usually is more romance than adventure.

  6. 4th on the graph, or 12th? Am I having a brain-glitch?