Sunday 15 October 2017

Road Brothers contest and giveaway!

A signed Road Brothers hardback is up for grabs for the best entry, and a different signed book from my reserve for two randomly selected entries.

Since I have failed to explain this well enough below. Look at the picture above. Look at the entries below. I am not just asking for an email telling me your favourite. Write it on a bit of paper and send me a photo. Spell it out with cans of bean. Write it on the window ... something interesting. 

All you have to do is send in the name of your favourite of Jorg's road brothers (this can include any character who travels with him on occasion). The name must be written out in some, hopefully interesting, manner. I've done RIKE in books as an example.

Alternatively you could send in a representation, anything from a drawing to the Action Man figure you feel most closely resembles the person in question.

I will post entries here.

Email them to me at

Random winners = #11 & #33. 
"Best" entry, of many great entries, for which you have my thanks ... #25


#42 Pavle

#41 Mia - how she sees Brother Rike!

#40 Emyr

#39 Andrew

#38 Thomas

#37 Emilee

#36 Johan

#35 Alex

#34 Nicholas

#33 Karyn

#32 Loki

#31 Robert

#30 Patrick

#29 Alessandro

#28 Petra

#27 David

#26 Earl

#25 Woodcrow

#24 Knut

#23 Josh

#22 Alice

#21 Bev

#20 Florencia

#19 Brandon   The thorns, I would said, were Jorgs first road brother. Responsible for setting him on the path of his life.

#18 Livia

#17 Bethan

#16 Dennis        "It was a big event when Sir Makin visited the Drowned Isles" 

#15 Chris, if I'd known you were coming I'd've baked a... oh look, I already did!

#14 Kevin

#13 Nathanael
The Briar patch, while it may not be one of the normal group I have always viewed the patch as somewhat of a character unto its own with how much it molded Jorg into who he came to be. If it hadn’t been for the patch he’d have been killed, the poison in his wounds seemed to constantly remind him of who he is and why he is doing what he does.

12 Gab

#11 Charles

#10 Garrick

#9 Vanessa

#8 Steve

#7 Simon

#6 Nikolas, tries them all!

#5 Rob, counters with "Gog"

#4 Fiona

#3 Amity Guen is rooting for Sir Makin (Guen is named for Dritzz's panther. My 3year old called her Guen because she loves Dritzz bedtime stories.)

#2  Earl

I loved Rike! He never changed, was always a hard cold bastard! But he was loyal and more importantly, (highlight for spoiler) he lived.

#1 Trevor


  1. The Nuban , we hardly knew you

  2. Dang Grumlow was my second choice. But I totally missed the spell the name out thing (facepalm)... aaaand I don't have that many weapons in my house. Congrats to the winners.