Wednesday 7 December 2016

Red Sister has a (US) cover!

Ta da!  (scroll down for original artwork)

Thanks to the artistry of Bastien Lecouff Deharme (Deharme is a great villain name!) and the designers at Ace Books we have:

(Red Sister, pre-order for extra karma)

Here is the original artwork.

More about the book!

& on Goodreads.


  1. WOW! Stunning! I can't wait to read this book!

  2. Much of the original art has been cropped, which is a pity. Great on both cover and art though. Excited to read the book!

  3. The original is surreal...
    The cover is surreal and Tenacious!
    I like them both, the cover however, with its high contrast lets you see the determination more in her face.

  4. You've been my favorite author for so long, I read the Broken Empire series when I was 13 and cant get it out of my mind... I guess you wont do another on Jorg or anyone like him again which makes me sad, You've said that your a numbers person so I'm just wondering if maybe... You could do a book (at least consider 10 years from if you want) on Jorg/ Machiavali (or maybe a hardcore honest) like Florentine banker possibly in the same time frame as Jalan's time there or right after the end of the the broken empire series who either takes advantage of the ensuing chaos to make his fortune or is forced to take control of Florence to make control the empires commerce and stop a economic collapse. With the passing fo Kelem and another emperors passing there would have been a lot of chaos, maybe he could eventually become a father figure or teacher to Jorgs son? Imagine long discussions between Jorg's ghost and the banker to stopped Jorg's empire from collapsing... Jalan could be constantly borrowing cash from him, the red queen having to take loans from him... I'm drooling...

  5. Loved your short stories on your


    If you have any more, could you put them up?

    1. I put my free stuff on Wattpad now.

  6. This may be an unpopular opinion

    but for covers I liked your style of only showing a glance of the characters face from the side or under a hood or just the hair.

    It gave the reader direction but space when picturing the character.

    While these are beautiful, perhaps you could in future you could go back to the Broken Empire cover style?