Thursday 22 December 2016

Sex! ...again...

In response to the wall of text on my Facebook page by someone unhappy with this poll (among their postings we touch on FGM and planned parenthood rights) I am happy to acknowledge that the "other" option should read "other answer" thereby not ruling out "none".

Anyway, I ran this POLL to find out about my readers. I show the result at this point before mentioning it on reddit and possibly "corrupting" the statistics with votes from a particularly male-heavy population.

I ran a similar poll in 2013 which had 599 replies (and was aired on reddit). That showed I had at that time a 72% male, 28% female readership. I hope to get some reddit votes on this current poll to see what kind of effect it has and maybe see if that earlier poll was significantly skewed by it.

But anyway, the bottom line seems to be that I now have almost as many female readers as I do male readers and have been moving toward an equal distribution over the years. Perhaps The Red Queen's War trilogy has played a role here, or simply that word has spread from an initially male-heavy base into the wider population.

Perhaps Red Sister will continue the trend. I hope so, as I think any writer would like to think that whether or not someone enjoys their book doesn't depend on something that can be captured in so simple a poll. 


  1. Can't please everyone all of the time.

  2. I'm glad more people are reading your work, though those reviews on the Broken Empire series being sexist still irritate me. They were ridiculous and I hope they disappear forever to the murkiest depths of the internet, never to be given so much as a 2 second scan ever again.